Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Twister Crash Repair (from nose into the dirt)

I had a few very nice flights under my belt in San Diego (Poway) on 10/19- but it was a little too windy.Of course I had to push it with the wind and ended up taking a strong gust and not anticipating my next move. So nose-in to the dirt she went.

I ended up using a thin carbon fiber rod (hollow) that I cut into four 4" lengths. I CA'd and inserted 2" into each half of the broken fuse. I cut each end of the carbon fiber rods at an angle for easier pushing into the foam. After a little more CA and some goo for the cracks, and finally touch-up paint she's as good as new. I popped a servo extension out and had to glue the wing spar back in at the tip, but that was all the damage she took.

The next morning she flew like she was on rails!!

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