Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mojo .40 Project

While at the DiscountHobbyWarehouse Father's Day swap meet today, I met a seller (Chris) who promptly went out of his way to remove the engine that was in this really interesting and great looking plane. That allowed me to buy it at a slightly lower price from him and convert it to electric power (EP).

Here are the specs for this project (so far):

  • Mojo .40 3D profile (
  • 60A ESC
  • either 4S A123 or 6S A123 (to be determined after static thrust testing)
  • 12x8 APC prop (or something close)
  • AXI equivalent: 2826-4T (this motor is rated to support up to a 5.5lb plane)
  • total wattage: 600 (very acceptable - especally if the thrust tests produce the desired results)
  • 2.5lbs (1150g) plane with servos
  • 2lbs (915g) prop, 2826-4T motor, ESC, BEC, rx
  • 4.5lbs (2065g) AUW (all-up-weight) - estimated with current design
  • -OR- I could go with 6S1P A123 + A3520/06 (AXI 2826/12 equivalent) which would bring the plane weight up an additional .5 lbs (230g) for an AUW of 5lbs and the power system to approx. 900 watts <-- this looks like a ridiculous and fun setup!
  • I will most-likely use larger motor (designed for approx 6+ lb aircraft) but I'll wait and see what the initial testing results are.
Here are some obligatory pics after I got home and set her down...

Chris, if you're reading this, thanks again for the great plane! It's a solid beast and if my work week isn't too hectic, I'll fly her in Poway next weekend. By the way, the new Poway location is Pomerado Road and Stonebridge Parkway. Drive east on the parkway until you reach a gate. Drive through the gate and after a short dirt road you will see a wide open and flat paved asphalt rectangle in the middle of nowhere (we still speculate as to what it might have been used for).



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He's a good guy.