Thursday, November 6, 2008

A123 packs being built and sold!  

I'll post pictures of the completed packs later, but here's the latest pricing:

2300mAh packs:
  • 2S = $45
  • 3S = $60
1100mAh packs
  • 2S = $25
  • 3S = $35
All packs come with balance taps (compatible with chargers that connect to: Kokam ProTek, Align, E-Flite, Venom, Fullymax), 12awg (gauge) silicone wiring, and Deans connectors.

Packs can be built as either stick packs, flat packs or (for 3S) tringular packs. Please specify when ordering.

For questions or orders, send email to:

Don't foget - you'll need to set your ESC LVC (low-voltage cut-off) to approximately 2.0v/cell. Also, you will need a LiFe (A123) compatible charger. There are ways to charge them without a charger that specifically charges LiFe/A123 packs, but that's a more manual task that you would have to monitor to ensure you don't destroy your cells. This is for the more advanced user and not recommended for all users. 

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