Sunday, December 7, 2008

ModelTech Mach Racer (Electric Conversion)

During the HobbyPeople holiday shopping season I picked up a heavily discounted (50%) balsa/ply wing called the Mach Racer. It is designed for a .46 nitro engine. At $54 I couldn't pass this up.

I had all of the spare components lying around so I thought I'd give it a try. Here are the parts that I used for this build/conversion:

* 4S A123 2300mAh custom pack
* Align BL600L brushless outrunner (600 motor from my previously sold heli)
* APC 9x6 prop
* Suppo 60A ESC
* Spektrum AR6100E rx
* (3) HS-311 servos for elevons and steering
* 1570g (3.46lbs) AUW

The motor maxes out at approximately 1500 watts (>2HP)! This wing is HIGHLY overpowered, but I have to say, it's a lot of fun.

I maidened her last week and it was ridiculously butt-puckering especially since the CG had her extremely nose-heavy and the elevons needed trimming and I needed more expo (a lot more expo).

Today's flight was nothing short of breath-taking... The performance and speed was like nobody's business! This thing held together well and was a real crowd-pleaser. One of my friends helped trim while I worked the sticks (thanks Eric!!).

I had ~5 minutes of great flying - which chewed through 1470mAh of the 2300mAh pack. Doing the math, this means that I should be able to fly just under 8 minutes at this consumption rate. With this configuration 5-6 minutes is safe in case you need to do some fly-bys due to runway congestion, uncertainty/nerves, wind, etc.

I've added some pics for reference.


Jeff (Helishack)

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