Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Mojo Conversion - a smashing success!

Today at around 11am I maidened the converted Mojo 3D profile plane that I blogged about earlier.

Here's what I flew with today:

  • 12x8 APC prop - a little under-sized, but worked well enough
  • Suppo 3520/06 800kv (Axi equivalent: 2826/12)
  • 6S1P A123 (2x3S1P packs in series) - the plane balanced laterally perfectly with this setup
  • CG @ 4 7/8" (per forum post by Paul Swany the recommended CG for this plane is 4 1/4" - 5 1/2"). I am 1/8" past mid-point - I find that CG mid-points work well for most conversions. I'll do the inverted flight test next weekend to re-check the CG. So far, so good!

With this setup my power meter read 61 amps WOT and 948 watts!At 4.5lbs that about 210 watts/lb - extreme aerobatics requires about 130 watts/lb. It's always nice to have that reserve power. I ALWAYS prefer over-powered versus under-powered.

I flew with barely any trim adjustments (thanks Bob K. for the sharp eyes on the aileron settings and with the assist on the mechanical adjustments). With just under 4 minutes of flight time I consumed 1000mAh out of one pack and 954mAh out of another pack. 5-6 minutes of aerobatics is going to be a safe range.

Take off and landing were uneventful - which is EXACTLY what I was shooting for!

Another successful conversion under the belt!

Quick and important note: I might stop by the SEFSD field next weekend and fly with those guys for an hour or two.


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Anonymous said...

Jeff, Good to see the Mojo flying again. Nice job, Chris.....